It's a good day to get crafty.

Being in business for yourself has its shares of ups and downs. Especially if you're a one-woman-show. There are many hats to wear and every part of the job – even the not so glamorous parts, like shipping packages and wrangling business receipts – must get done. However, the good parts (and there are many!) make it all worthwile, and thank goodness for that.

One such perk is the opportunity to collaborate with fellow creative souls on special projects. From time to time I like to participate in editorial concepts/shoots as a way to produce some really pie-in-the-sky paper delights. It's a chance to flex creative muscles and also network with other like-minded artists in the industry. If that work gets published, great PR, too. Hip, hip hooray.

This brings me to a current shoot I'm working on. I always get excited when I get asked to partner with Audrey King of French Knot Studios and Izzy Hudgins Photography. Not only are both of these women supernova talents, but we all share a common design aesthetic that makes working together a breeze. This will be my fourth shoot with these gals and it's going to be absolutely fabulous. Thought I'd share a sneak peek of what's going on inside the studio this week. Stay tuned for more!