Hi Mummie!

Fancy meeting you here.

Remember that time we hopped in that red convertible and went to Seaside?
Yep, me too. Let's take a quick walk down memory lane...

That was pretty fun, wasn't it?

Creamy, sweet pina coladas, a spin on a bicycle through the square, the ocean breeze in our hair and not a care in the world. No one looking out for us and nowhere to be, except maybe the beach. Or "just a quick stop" for some pretties at the outlets. Perhaps partaking in a hot flounder sandwich and Orange Crush from "Pickles." Yes, those were the days!

A few years later, Charleston called our names and we found ourselves wandering aimlessly through the Market, sampling hot pralines and listening to the clippity-clop of horse hooves on downtown streets. We set sail on a schooner and let the salty ocean air mess up our hair – because nobody caaares. We lounged around in the mornings, enjoying coffee with the windows and doors flung open, and come evening, we hit the town in search of our next tasty low-country meal.

I'd go back to that patio at Husk or belly up to a catfish plate at Jestine's any day, wouldn't you? 


Well, I took a vote (of one) and decided that we need to have a few of those carefree days again.

Another special Mother-Daughter adventure to remember and cherish. 

You really wanna know what I think...?






Please SAVE THE DATE and start packing that beach bag, pretty lady. Fill it to the brim with that Camelbak bottle that keeps ice for two days, Cheetos(!), a trashy poolside novel, and five magazines you will never get around to reading, because we are booked May 15 - May 19 (Thurs-Mon) for a Mother's Day Getaway at Bill's Bungalow in Magnolia By The Sea on 30-A, nestled between Seaside and Rosemary Beach! Here's a sneak peek at our humble (but cozy!) beach address for a few days:


Beach living, here we coooooooome!